Meals on Wheels Spokane is no longer receiving state funding...Budget slashed by 46.5%.

In 2010 Meals on Wheels served 15,000 meals in the senior center and delivered 78,000 meals to home-bound seniors. 75% of those using the shelter are 75 years or older. Of those receiving meals in their home, 76% live alone and 44% of those have incomes less than $1,000 a month. 80% of those served have 2 or fewer meals per day. 54% of those receiving meals rarely eat with someone.

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Thank you for supporting Meals on Wheels Spokane and helping to feed our wonderful seniors. With the close of 2014, we have seen an astounding 75% growth in need this year. Please help us prevent having to start a waiting list for those in need of food by making a donation today!

Meals on Wheels / Mid-City Concerns Senior Center
is located at 1222 West 2nd Avenue in Downtown Spokane, Washington. You can also call 509-456-6597.

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Since 1967 Mid City Senior Center has provided a nutritional and social lifeline for seniors through our downtown meal site in Spokane and Meals-On-Wheels delivery to homebound seniors. With the help of more than 750 volunteers, the nonprofit, nonsectarian agency now serves 500 meals daily and more than 116,000 meals each year.
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Generous donors who make monthly gifts provide Meals on Wheels Spokane with the steady income needed in order to provide food, friendship and other critical services to our homebound neighbors in need.
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Pet Food Program
To prevent our seniors from sharing their food with their beloved pets we now deliver cat and dog food the 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month. This extra day provides us the opportunity for an additional check in on the well being of our seniors.
Cat and dog food deliveries will be the 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month.
Birthday Bag Program
We have a birthday bag program going on where our volunteers deliver a small bag and handmade card to our seniors on their birthdays.